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PlanB confirms Bitcoin ‘S2FX’ model still on track for $288,000

Anonymous yet wildly popular crypto trader “PlanB,”who created the Bitcoin stock-to-flow model (S2F), provided an update on how the leading cryptocurrency is performing following the recent crypto crash. Last month closed -35%, but PlanB sought to reassure his followers by saying the journey isn’t going to be a straight line up. Nonetheless, despite the dip, […]Read More


New Litecoin update shows MimbleWimble is on track

Development on Litecoin’s upcoming privacy and scalability implementation, MimbleWimble, continues to be smooth and faces no potential delays ahead of a testnet launch later this month, the Litecoin Foundation confirmed in a release.  The. Litecoin MimbleWimble August update is here!https://t.co/zHY6O1TFAG — Litecoin.com (@LitecoinDotCom) September 3, 2020 Litecoin made faster and more secure For the uninitiated, […]Read More