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WallStreetBets Reddit Group: What Is It?

A decentralized Reddit forum called WallStreetBets is causing chaos on Wall Street. The group “r/Wallstreetbets” (aka WSB) is a longstanding subreddit channel where over 3.5 million Reddit users discuss highly speculative trading ideas and strategies. Described as “like 4chan found a Bloomberg Terminal,” the community has caused huge disruption to financial markets this week. On […]Read More


DeVere Group CEO Sold Half of Bitcoin Holdings at Christmas

Nigel Green, CEO of U.K.-based financial advisory firm deVere Group, has said he sold 50% of his bitcoin holdings over Christmas as the cryptocurrency’s price surged to new highs. Edit (12:10 UTC, Jan 4 2021): Corrected article to reflect that Green sold the bitcoin at around $25,000 at Christmas, not at the more recent all-time […]Read More